Why is my skin dry after I swim?

skin sensitivity Why is my skin dry after I swim?
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Why is my skin dry after I swim?

Skin and eye issues because of pool chemicals

Spending time in the swimming pool should be fun. You shouldn’t get out of the water and wonder why is my skin dry after I swim? You also don’t have to look in the mirror and see that your eyes are red and itchy. If this happens, you will want to contact your swimming pool service contractor from Swim Pure Pools in Austin, Texas to let him know. He will adjust the pool chemicals to assure you’re not dealing with dry skin and red eyes.

if this is happening because he will look at the pool chemical balances and work to get them back in line. Pool chemicals can get out of balance because of a higher than usual swimmer load, dirty filter or a rain storm that introduced additional water and dirt and debris into the water.

Why is my skin dry after I swim?

  •  Check pool’s pH and alkalinity. If they are too high, or too low, you could be plagued with skin irritation and eye redness.
  • Use a pool cover to help keep the water chemical balances in line. Test daily until balances are in alignment. Test between his service visits and let him know the readings, if necessary.
  • It’s a pool myth that strong chlorine odor and eye irritation is caused by too much chlorine. “Free chlorine” has no taste or odor. When free chlorine reacts with bacteria, ammonia, or other waste products it is changed into combined chlorine or chloramines. Combined chlorine – free chlorine and ammonia — has a strong odor and causes skin irritation and eye redness.

If you want to move away from using chemicals to keep your pool water clean there are ways to have a more “natural” pool; ask us about that when we pay a service visit or when you’re in the midst of your pool construction or a pool remodel project. If you’re cleaning the pool on your own and simply can’t address the redness and skin irritation, give us a call for a one-time pool clean and water chemical balance.

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