Unusual Tips for Swimming Pool Cleaning

Energy Efficient Pool Equipment Unusual Tips for Swimming Pool Cleaning
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Unusual Tips for Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swim Pure Pool contractors share unusual tips for swimming pool cleaning that you may never have heard of.

Owning a swimming pool means you will be on a regimented routine of pool maintenance and upkeep. The pool thrives best and the water stays clearer when the pool is on the same maintenance schedule every day, week and month. As the pool owner, you can take care of the pool and its upkeep on your own — if you have the time and the know-how to make it happen. If you work with a pool contractor he will get your pool on a routine schedule, but will also offer tips for items you should do between service visits to keep the water clean and clear.

 Unusual Tips for Swimming Pool Cleaning

You won’t read these tips every day, but we wanted to share them.

Use baking soda to increase the alkalinity of your pool water. Baking soda is a much cheaper alternative to pool chemicals. Ask your pool contractor when you should use this, how much and how to add it to the water.

Get rid of oil in the pool with a tennis ball. Yes, you heard that right! If you toss a tennis ball into the pool water it will naturally absorb the body oils and sun tan lotion and other oils brought into the pool water by swimmers. The ball can be tossed in and left there to quietly do its job!

 Brush it out. Grab a clean toothbrush and clean the pool tile line. You can give it a quick brush and remove residue, dirt and other contaminants. Don’t wait until the water gets cloudy and the build up is evident. Cleaning this area weekly will reduce calcium buld up and keep the pool water cleaner.

Dogs in or out of the water? Some pool owners love to share the pool with their dogs. Other pool owners keep the dogs out. Know that chlorine isn’t good for your dog’s skin. If he goes in the pool, you will want to rinse him off after. Dog hair can clog the filter. You will need to keep chlorine levels lower if your dogs will be in the pool. If you want to give your dog some pooltime fun, invest in a kiddie pool, fill it up and keep it poolside so your dog can splash around next to you without being in the chlorinated water.

Is your pool leaking? You can perform a simple “bucket test” to see if the pool water is leaking or if your pool water level is going down because of simple evaporation or splashing. The average pool shouldn’t lose more than a quarter of an inch of water a day. To do the bucket test, grab a bucket and set it on the step in the pool. Mark the water level on the inside of the bucket and on the outside of the bucket. If the water levels vary wildly there could be a leak and you will want to call your pool contractor to inspect it. If the inside and outside levels on the bucket are similar, you’re losing water from evaporation and splash out.

 Consider using these unqiue pool tips to keep the pool clean and fun all summer long! 


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