Swimming pool landscaping ideas

Backyard Landscape Swimming pool landscaping ideas
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Swimming pool landscaping ideas

Swimming pool landscaping ideas from Swim Pure Pool contractors

The grass doesn’t necessarily have to be greener on “the other side” nor do you have to stop at grass as your landscaping option of choice. Grass, by many swimming pool owners is considered so last year! The pool contractors from Swim Pure Pools offer swimming pool landscaping ideas that go beyond planting grass seed… then having to mow it!

Swimming pool landscaping ideas

You can get a green look in your backyard without having to plant grass. Look to flowers, shrubbery and potted trees and plants to add beauty and greenery to the landscape surrounding the pool. Potted plants can also be decorations unto themselves if you choose decorative planters. You can even rearrange the potted greenery to give the poolside area a fresh new look. Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus are ideal plants for poolside landscaping as they don’t drop too many petals into the water.

Consider planting moss or herbs to fill the spaces on walkways and patios.

If you don’t want to mess with greenery at all, consider adding stone pavers or concrete walkways to create a custom pathway to and from the swimming pool and surrounding area? Look to custom granite or natural stone to construct the walkway and give it a unique look and feel.

You probably know that water features and fountains add beauty and relaxation to your poolside space. Add a water feature into the pool itself or have it installed poolside so the water flows into the swmming pool. Consider adding a fire/water feature for beauty, aesthetic appeal and functionality.

If your yard is dirt, and nothing will grow — or you don’t want to grow anything, consider adding a grass-alternative such as mulch or cedar shavings or pine straw. These materials let you fill in empty space without having to worry about maintaining grassy areas.

Look on sites such as Pinterest for landscaping ideas and give us a call. Let’s make your poolside area as beautiful as it can be this season.


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