Should your swimming pool be inspected?

Pool Maintenance Should your swimming pool be inspected?

Should your swimming pool be inspected?

Swim Pure Pools contractors explain why should your swimming pool be inspected. Your pool is beautiful and the water is clean and clear, but is there anything going on under the surface of the water or behind the swimming pool walls that you should know about but you just can’t see? This is a question our customers ask us quite often and that’s why we offer swimming pool service inspections.

Should your swimming pool be inspected?

What will a swimming pool inspection consist of? It involves your swimming pool contractor identifying any potential hazards or potential repairs. He will let you know what will be involved in a repair or replacement to address the issues uncovered and he will give the pool a thorough inspection so you are aware of what’s going on beneath the surface.

A pool inspection will also help you plan and budget for any potential upcoming repairs that your pool will require. When the pool is inspected you should receive a written itemized list that shows you the information that was inspected and any potential red flags. The inspection should include a visual and a physical inspection of the pool and its structure and equipment.

Your pool contractor will inspect, at a minimum:

  1. The size of the pool
  2. It’s depth
  3. The type of construction material and if there are any areas of concern
  4. The age and manufacturer of the pool equipment
  5. The pool pumps PSI rating
  6. The pool accessories such as the ladder or diving board
  7. The plumbing will be inspected for leaks or damaged parts
  8. The pool pump and filter will be tested to assure they are in top working order
  9. If your pool has automation items, those will be checked to assure they are operating as they should
  10. Any lighting fixtures
  11. The heater
  12. He will likely also test the pool water while he is there.

Whether you’re buying a home that has a swimming pool or if you have a swimming pool that hasn’t been inspected recently, give us a call and schedule a pool inspection.

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