Swim Pure Pool Repair and Maintenance Team

Meet The Swim Pure Pools Maintenance and Repair Team

Bill Shean  – Swim Pure Pools Repair Technician since 2004

Bill brings years of experience to every job.  An United States Army veteran, he is a great example of discipline and attention to detail.  Bill is qualified in all areas of pool equipment and pool plumbing repair, specializing in pumps and filters of all types.

Richard Wiscleceny – Swim Pure Repair Technician since 2008

Richie has over 20 years experience in the pool industry, most of which has been focused on equipment repair, structural repair, and renovation.  Originally from New York, Richie worked in the Palm Beach Florida region for 17 years before relocating to Austin with his wife and two daughters in 2008.  Richie excels in all areas of equipment diagnosis and repair and specializes in automatic controllers and salt chlorine generating systems.

Eric Williams – Swim Pure Repair Technician since 2008

Eric started out with us as a “Pool Tech” but quickly showed interest and talent for the repair side of the business.  With his former HVAC education and mechanical aptitude it seemed a natural transition.  After extensive on the job training and manufacturer education he was promoted to “Repair Tech” and has excelled in all areas of equipment repair.  Eric specializes in pool heater diagnosis and repair.


JUSTIN BULLER  –  Swim Pure Full Service Pool Tech Since 2006

Justin is a perfectionist, and it shows.   With his eight years plus of experience and his meticulous skills, his customers aren’t just customers, they are fans.   Off the job, Justin enjoys camping, fishing, cooking , and playing music.

AARON TRUJILLO – Swim Pure Pool Technician / Facilities Manager since March 2011

Aaron may be the youngest member of our Swim Pure family, but he is by no means the least.  Aaron has earned the respect of his co-workers by being an extremely hard worker and a true team player since day one on the job.  His customers have appreciated him from the beginning as well.  In addition to taking great care of his customers, Aaron also manages the chemical warehouse facility and assists Casey with various tasks around the shop.

STERLING GLAZE – Swim Pure Pool Technician since May 2011

Sterling is a team player with a strong work ethic and a love for being outdoors.  These qualities come together to make him a great pool tech.  We can always count on Sterling to get the job done, no matter what.  His customers and his co-workers truly appreciate his skill, his reliability, and his easy going nature.

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