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Meet The Swim Pure Pools Team

Swim Pure Pools is a family owned pool service and repair business serving the entire Austin Metro and surrounding areas.

The Swim Pure team are friendly, professionally trained, reliable and ready to help you create or maintain your beautiful pool investment. We offer stunning construction and renovation options as well as water balancing, pool maintenance and expert pool repair including installation of all types and brands of pool and spa equipment. We promise to provide you the best customer service experience.

Swim Pure Pools truly cares about our customers!

Meet Kirk Owner of Swim Pure Pool Service Austin

Kirk Walker, President Swim Pure Pools

Kirk is your pool service expert.  He has been trained by the best to ensure a solution to every swimming pool problem

Owner and Operator Since 2003
Gold Member Genesis 3 Design Group
Graduate Genesis 3 Construction School
Factory Certified on all Major Equipment Brands
Licensed Texas Contractor
Former Exp. in IT Management, Program Management, Occupational Therapy & Engineering

Kirk serves as Executive Director for Sales, Construction and Renovation as Well as Executive Manager for Repair and Maintenance Operations. Kirk believes strongly in education and training. Not only is he constantly educating himself, he expects and encourages everyone on the Swim Pure team to stay current on the latest in technology, energy efficiency and safety. Kirk has a hands-on philosophy toward his business. He works with his employees, vendors and with his customers on daily basis to ensure that the highest standards of quality are met and maintained.

Swim Pure Pools Co-Owner

Lorrie Walker, Vice President Swim Pure Pools

Owner and Operator Since 2003
Member Genesis 3 Design Group
Completed Various Genesis 3 Specialized Design Courses
Experience in Commercial Design, Residential Design, Project Management, Business Management

Lorrie serves as Executive Administrator, partners with Kirk on Operations and Sales Management, and is Design Consultant on Custom Build and Renovation projects. Lorrie enjoys managing and working with people on a daily basis. She believes in providing support and encouragement to her employees as they grow in skill level, confidence and professionalism. Lorrie brings her passion for design, art, and architecture along with her years of experience to each and every design project.

Swim Pure Pools Team Member Casey

Casey Vickers, Maintenance Operations Manager, Customer Service, Pool Chemistry & Plaster Start Up Specialist

Employed by Swim Pure Pools Since 2004
Office IT Consultant
Pool Technician Trainer and Educator
Advanced Water Chemistry and Numerous Industry Courses
Former Experience: Pool Technician, Lead Route Tech

Casey serves as Maintenance Operations Manager as well as Customer Service, and resident pool chemistry and plaster start up expert. Casey began his career in this industry as a pool tech for Swim Pure in 2004, and since then he has grown with and been a significant force behind Swim Pure Pools’ success. Casey’s enthusiasm for this industry combined with his experience and knowledge, positive attitude and strong work ethic have earned him the respect of his customers and co-workers and an important place on the management team. Casey enjoys assisting customers and pool technicians daily. His goal is to answer and resolve any questions they may have in the most effective way possible.

Swim Pure Pools Team Member Kirsten

Kirstin Lindquist, Administrative Manager, Warranty Claims Coordinator, Billing and Accts Receivable

Employed by Swim Pure Pools since 2008
Customer Service
Office Support to Field Technicians
Office Support to Sales and Construction
Former Experience in Retail Sales, Administrative Assistant
Former Experience: Pool Technician, Lead Route Tech

Kirstin serves as Administrative Manager, handles the warranty claims work orders and submissions, is responsible for billing and AR, provides office support to the field techs and most of the in-office staff as well as handling customer service questions. Kirstin’s professionalism, ability to multi task, communication skills and sense of humor make her an invaluable asset. Kirstin truly cares about her customers and her co-workers and it comes across in her day to day interactions.

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