Should you get a natural pool?

skin sensitivity Should you get a natural pool?
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Should you get a natural pool?

Austin, Texas pool contractors answer, should you get a natural pool?

Should you get a natural pool? Do you know what a natural swimming pool is? The swimming pool contractors from SwimPure Pools¬†understand these water-filled structures are gaining in popularity. Families who want to own a swimming pool, but don’t want to potentially harm the environment or swim in pool chemicals, a natural pool just might be the answer.

Should you get a natural pool?

If you have a traditional pool you may be able to transition into a natural pool. If you’re looking to begin a pool project and want a natural pool, you need to know it will be a bit more labor intensive and may cost more than a traditional pool.¬†natural poolHere is what you need to know about a natural pool:

  • A natural pool is cleaned using microorganisms found in nature.
  • A natural pool is equipped with aquatic plans that will keep the water purified.
  • The construction of a natural pool is such that it aids in the water cleansing operations. The construction includes an area for swimming and one which houses the plants. Water from the swimming area is pumped into the aquatic plant area, cleaned and recirculated back into the pool.
  • A natural pool can have a combination hybrid natural pool — one in which plants and ultra violet or ozone is used to help keep the water clean.
  • A balance must be maintained in the water to keep the plants alive. If the plants don’t survive, they can’t perform the task of keeping the water clean. Your pool contractor will explain the specifics.
  • Natural pools have obvious benefits because no chemicals are needed to keep the water clean.
  • Ongoing upkeep and maintenance on a natural pool is minimal and cost effective. Be prepared to potentially pay more up front for your natural pool.

If you and your family want a pool, but don’t want to worry about pool chemicals, a natural pool might be the best option. Talk with us today.

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