Save money on hot tub operation costs

chlorine Save money on hot tub operation costs

Save money on hot tub operation costs

Save money on hot tub operation costs SwimPure Pools contractors, serving Austin, Texas, offer tips

Are there ways to save money on hot tub operation costs? The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Swim Pure Pools in Austin, Texas say there certainly are. They believe there is no reason you can’t own a hot tub or spa, use it regularly and do it in an economical manner.

Operating a hot tub or spa economically is definitely possible. One of the best steps you can take is to spend time with a hot tub contractor and ask for advice about which accessories you can add or what energy-saving updates you can make that can help you reap savings. hot tub

Save money on hot tub operation costs

Here are a few items to consider if you want to slash your hot tub operation costs:

  • Turn the thermostat down when you’re not using it. Turning it down a few degrees can lead to big savings and it won’t take overly long to heat back up.
  • Always use a hot tub cover. A cover traps heated water and prevents evaporation and that can cut back on the amount of chemicals you need to use.
  • Choose a temperature and stick with it. Continual fiddling with the temperature wreaks havoc on the heater and water chemistry and costs you more money.
  • Keep the hot tub and its equipment in good repair. Replace worn out or inefficient motors or other parts and upgrade to energy saver equipment.
  • Use a timer. Set a timer to turn the pumps on at off peak energy hours. The timer can also turn the hot tub on prior to your using it and can be turned off remotely.

Ask us for ideas on how you can save money on the operating costs of your hot tub or spa.

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