It’s hard to believe we are at the end of August and Labor Day is peeking around the corner! To many, Labor Day means the end of swimming pool season — even though, Texas swimming pool owners do typically enjoy a longer swim season than do pool owners in other areas of the country. Toward that end, though, if you are looking at it and asking, is it time to remodel your swimming pool, the pool contractors from Swim Pure Pools say that end of the season is a great time to get started on a remodeling project. Depending on the weather and the extent of the project, it can be completed during the off season and when summer 2018 rolls around you will have a beautifully remodeled pool awaiting you.

Is it time to remodel your swimming pool?

  1. Determine what you want done. The remodeling project could encompass basic repairs to a complete overhaul. An extensive renovation project could include adding a slide, diving board, fountain, hot tub to one end of the pool and anything in between. Know your budget and talk with us to prioritize projects based on “must dos” to “want to do” projects.
  2. A complete facelift including changing the color and design of your pool deck and pavers.
  3. You may want to undertake a larger project including a structural renovation to add a beach entry, custom stairs, in-pool seating, a spa or sauna area.
  4. Your pool contractor is your best resource on helping you determine what items to do first in your renovation project, in his expert opinion he may recommend you:
  • Upgrade to more energy efficient pumps
  • Replace your pool liner
  • Revamp the deck
  • Add new features like a waterfall or slide or new stairs
  • Modify the shape of the pool, or
  • Add a spa or sauna area

Know your budget. Know what you’d like the final outcome of the project to be, then give us a call to begin the preliminary discussions on your pool remodeling project.