How to be safe on a diving board

Swimming Pool Safety How to be safe on a diving board
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How to be safe on a diving board

SwimPure Pool Contractors explain how to be safe on a diving board

When you have a swimming pool, you will be making memories every time you spend time in, and around it. Swimming pool contractors form Swim Pure Pools in Austin, Texas know that many of their pool customers want to have a pool with a diving board, they also know there are steps to take and explain how to be safe on a diving board.

If you bought a home that came with a pool or if you are having a pool constructed and want to have a diving board as part of the project, you will need to talk with your pool contractor to make certain the pool is large enough to accommodate a diving board. There are safety regulations that need to be met relating to the size and depth of your swimming pool.

How to be safe on a diving board


  • Avoid swimmers and other obstacles
  • Hold your head up, arms up and steer into the dive with your hands
  • Swim and dive with a diving buddy.
  • Check the sandpaper cover is still viable
  • Make sure all of the screws and hardware are secure
  • Keep your dives simple


  • Never dive into the shallow end of a swimming pool
  • Never dive off the side of the diving board. Dive forward only
  • Don’t run and dive
  • Don’t do a backward dive
  • Don’t install a diving board without first talking to a swimming pool builder to see if it is safe for your pool type
  • Don’t dive, or swim, after you’ve been drinking

Diving is fun, but like everything else that occurs in your swimming pool it must be done safely and responsibly. Ask us about other swimming pool accessories you can have added to your swimming pool to add to the fun you and your family have this — and every summer.

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