Does it make sense to heat your pool water?

Pool Heater Does it make sense to heat your pool water?
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Does it make sense to heat your pool water?

SwimPure Pool Service Contractors Discuss Pool Heaters

It might be the height of summer right now and your pool water might be “just right” temperture-wise or it might be too warm. Chances are you aren’t thinking of a swimming pool heater at this point, but once summer is waning and winter and cooler days are near you may wonder, “does it make sense to heat your pool water?” The answer to this, the swimming pool contractors from SwimPure Pools explain is not an easy one and requires understanding various factors including the type of pool water heater you will invest in.

Does it make sense to heat your pool water?

Understand this about pool heaters then you cane make a decision.

  •  Gas heater.  Requires a hookup for a propane tank or natural gas. A gas heater system can be costly. It quickly heats the water, Depending on how often you use the heater, it could cost about $1,000 annually.
  • Heat pump, also known as a geothermal pool heater. This is an efficient heater.  A heat pump draws in heat from the ambient air and forces it back into the pool. If the surrounding air is warm, this is ideal. In frigid winter months this style may not be viable.
  • Solar. This heater type uses the power of the sun to heat the water. Solar heaters utilize a pump to push the water through a separate heating unit. Solar heat only works on the sunniest of days and may not be able to effectively heat the water in the shorter, cloudy days of winter.

Gas heaters are a popular option as is propane because they are reliable and don’t rely on outside elements to heat the water — ambient air temps or sunshine. If you’re exploring ways to heat your pool water and extend your swim season this year, schedule an appointment and let’s discuss your options.

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