Conserve water in your pool this summer

Hot Tub Maintenance Conserve water in your pool this summer
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Conserve water in your pool this summer

Drought-proof your pool, Swim Pure Pools contractors offer tips

Conserve water in your pool this summer as a way to save money on having to continually refill the pool and to prevent having to continually add pool chemicals to keep the water chemical balances in line. The swimming pool service contractors from Swim Pure Pools in Austin, Texas explain that many of their pool customers are looking for ways to save money and conserving water is a great first step. With many areas of the country being under drought conditions, water conservation just makes sense, right!?

Conserve water in your pool this summer

  1. Cover it: Diligent use fo a pool cover can help reduce the rate the water evaporates by up to 50%. You will save money on having to refill the pool. You will also save money on not having to add chemicals to the newly added water. Using a cover will also help keep the water warmer longer.
  2. Turn it down: Lowering the temperature to which you heat your pool water by even a degree or two will reduce evaporation and chances are no one will even notice the difference in the temperature.
  3. Check for Leaks: A swimming pool that is leaking can waste as much as 10,000 gallons of water annually. In some cases, a leak isn’t easy to detect. In others you will see the water gathering around the sides of the pool when there should be none. If you don’t know whether the pool is leaking, place a bucket of water beside the pool and mark both the water in the bucket and the water in the pool. Check the loss of water after 24 hours. If the pool has lost more water than the bucket, you have a leak and should call your pool contractor.
  4. Landscape for water conservation: As the wind whips across the pool it can take surface water with it. Installing a windbreak will reduce water loss and energy costs. When you’re planting trees and shrubbery or even constructing your outside living space, do it with an eye toward water conservation. Longer grass holds moisture in soil better than shorter grass. Adjusting your lawn mower to a higher setting will allow your grass to shade the root system more efficiently.
  5. Clean the pool filters: Keeping the pool clean reduces stress on the filter, reduce backwashed water and prolong the filter’s use.
  6. Plan lawn watering wisely: Water the lawn in the morning to reduce water loss from evaporation. Setting your sprinklers to a lower pressure also helps to conserve water since higher-pressure sprinklers creates a fine mist that evaporates faster. Early morning or after the sun has set are the best times to water.

Summer is an ideal time to look at how you’re using water — especially if you own a swimming pool. Making a few minor adjustments can make a world of difference. Ask us for other tips on water conservation for pool owners.

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