Choosing pool construction materials

Pool Remodel Choosing pool construction materials
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Choosing pool construction materials

Choosing pool construction materials, Swim Pure Pool contractors offer advice 

Choosing pool construction materials is one of the biggest decisions any new pool owner will be faced with. The three building materials:

  1. Gunite
  2. Fiberglass
  3. Vinyl liner

These materials each have unique advantages and drawbacks. The pool contractors from Swim Pure Pools offer this information to help you make your decision.

If you’re looking for pure affordability in a swimming pool, you will want to look at an above ground swimming pool. These pools, though, don’t add to the value of your home and are not as durable as an inground pool is. An above ground pool can be a viable option if you don’t have the budget for an inground.

In this article, though we want to give you information to help you make a decision on a construction material for an inground swimming pool.

Choosing pool construction materials

A gunite aka concrete swimming pool will give you the most flexibility in the design and shape of the pool. They offer the most options for customization, but are the most expensive of the pool construction material types. A gunite pool can take up to three months — or more — to construct.

A fiberglass pool is a pre-constructed form that is delivered to your home and placed into the excavated area — think a very large bathtub! There are many shapes and sizes available, but there is not the flexibility in design that gunite offers. A fiberglass pool is able to withstand fluctuations in temperature and are also able to withstand earthquakes. They are easy to keep clean and aren’t prone to algae growth because of their smooth surface. They have a shorter installation time than concrete.

A vinyl pool is more flexible with design options than fiberglass, but not as flexible as concrete. They are the least expensive of the construction materials available. A vinyl pool is popular in areas of the country that are prone to freezing temperatures. Your pool contractor could have your vinyl liner pool complete in less than a month.

In addition to the decision you need to make on the pool construction material, you will also want to spend some time considering the type of accessories you want in the finished project.Talk with us to discuss construction options and get started on your pool project!

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