How and why to buy a hot tub

Hot Tub Maintenance How and why to buy a hot tub

How and why to buy a hot tub

How and why to buy a hot tub is a conversation that many swimming pool owners have with their families and with their swimming pool contractor from Swim Pure Pools. If you don’t have a swimming pool, you may still have these conversations with your family and may need to take that talk to a pool contractor who can help you make a decision on a hot tub for your family and its unique needs.

When you consider the idea of sinking into the heated depths of a hot tub when the snow falls or when you can see your breath in the cool night air, you can see why a hot tub is a prized possession for many.  There are myriad questions to ask before making a decision to own a hot tub or spa.

How and why to buy a hot tub

  1. What’s your budget? Don’t talk with a hot tub contractor about a $10,000 hot tub dream if you only have a $1,000 budget. Your budget should include the money necessary for the purchase of the hot tub, but for the installation, electricity, plumbing, placement and maintenance as well as increases to your utility bills.
  2. Get a hot tub that fits your lifestyle. If your hot tub isn’t big enough to accommodate your friends and family you and you have to “take turns” getting into and out of the hot tub so others can use it, it won’t be much fun. Know how many people will typically be using your hot tub and let the contractor know so he can recommend a hot tub that will be an ideal size for your friends and family.
  3. Understand the different materials from which a hot tub is built. Choose the best materials for your family and the area of the country in which you live. For example, if the hot tub is out of doors, you need to consider a tub that has an exterior that can withstand the weather, one that has a durable basin and one that is properly insulated to protect it from freezing.
  4. Above ground or an in-ground style? Will you want your hot tub to be installed at one end of your swimming pool in a “swim up spa” style? These are decisions you will want to make before you hit the showroom.
  5. Relaxation or specific health issues. When you’re shopping for your hot tub, pack a swim suit as you will want to get into hot tubs to feel what the different jet styles feel like. Decide whether you want jets for relaxation only or for therapeutic reasons.

Energy efficiency is key: Don’t skimp on equipment; saving money by putting in less energy efficient equipment when you purchase the hot tub will end up costing you more money in the long run.

Don’t forget privacy: Place your hot hot tub to assure you’re not in the line of sight of neighbors. Determine where you want the hot tub and decide whether you need to landscape for privacy.

Enjoy the time in your hot tub, but remember the heated water can lead to dehydration so drink water while you’re soaking and limit your soak time to no more than fifteen minutes at a time. Keep a watchful eye on your children when they are in the hot tub with you to assure everyone is safe and has fun.

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