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Why is my skin dry after I swim?

Skin and eye issues because of pool chemicals Spending time in the swimming pool should be fun. You shouldn't get out of the water and wonder why is my skin dry after I swim? You also don't have to look in the mirror and see that...


How and why to buy a hot tub

How and why to buy a hot tub is a conversation that many swimming pool owners have with their families and with their swimming pool contractor from Swim Pure Pools. If you don't have a swimming pool, you may still have these conversations with your...

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Swimming pool enclosures save time and money

Swim Pure Pools contractors in Austin, Texas work with swimming pool owners to construct swimming pool enclosures. They understand that swimming pool enclosures save time and money -- and will eventually pay for themselves. If you have the budget for it, and if you want...

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Does it make sense to heat your pool water?

SwimPure Pool Service Contractors Discuss Pool Heaters It might be the height of summer right now and your pool water might be "just right" temperture-wise or it might be too warm. Chances are you aren't thinking of a swimming pool heater at this point, but once...


Should your swimming pool be inspected?

Swim Pure Pools contractors explain why should your swimming pool be inspected. Your pool is beautiful and the water is clean and clear, but is there anything going on under the surface of the water or behind the swimming pool walls that you should know...

swimming pool heat pump

Do you have bugs around your swimming pool?

Swim Pure Pools contractors address bugs around the pool When you jump into your swimming pool -- especially if you aren't diligent in using a swimming pool cover -- you may find yourself jumping into pool water littered with bugs. This is not what you want...