Benefits of a swimming pool workout

Exercise and swimming pools Benefits of a swimming pool workout
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Benefits of a swimming pool workout

Benefits of a swimming pool workout, shared by swimming pool contractors from Swim Pure Pools 

Did you know that the benefits of a swimming pool workout can be felt and can last long after you get out of the swimming pool? The swimming pool contractors from Swim Pure Pools in Austin, Texas explain it’s true. When you’re exercising in the pool you may think of swimming laps and doing the crawl, the backstroke, the breaststroke, treading water or even doing the doggy paddle — for the younger family member! Swimming laps are great wayss to work out, but there are fun ways in which to work out which won’t even feel like exercise at all!

Benefits of a swimming pool workout

Any kind of exercise in a swimming pool is ideal because the resistance of the water amps up your workout and gives you a better cardio workout. The buoyancy of the water allows you to work out in a way that won’t put any stress or strain on your joints or muscles. Swimming also provides a workout with a low potential of injury.

  1. Invest in pool exercise equipment. You can work out with pool kick boards, dumbells designed for use in the water and even pool noodles!
  2. Walking workout — requires no special equipment and all you have to do is… well… walk! When you walk in the pool you’re not stressing your joints and the resistance amps up the cardio benefits of the walking.
  3. Leg lifts and water squats are similar to an on-land workout, but again the water is offering resistance and that makes your workout more beneficial and the calorie burning benefits last after you get out of the water.
  4. Use the pool dumb bells to do arm raises. Stand shoulder deep in water, raise your hands out to the sides, hold, then slowly lower.
  5. Play in pool games such as water basketball or volleyball.

Working out in the water adds to the calories you will burn and when you work out in the pool, you don’t have to worry about how hot it may be outside — a pool workout is comfortable no matter the temperature. Talk with us if you’re looking for more ways to get a workout in your swimming pool this summer!


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