Add a rock waterfall this summer

Backyard Landscape Add a rock waterfall this summer

Add a rock waterfall this summer

SwimPure Pools contractors, serving the Austin, Texas add rock waterfalls 

Have you ever thought about whether to add a rock waterfall this summer to your swimming pool? If you have the space, and the budget, these structures add majestic beauty to your swimming pool. Your pool contractor from SwimPure Pools can add a rock waterfall as part of an overall swimming pool renovation project, as a stand alone project or as part of your new swimming pool construction. The rock waterfall can be constructed of paving stones or of rocks you can purchase from a home store or that your pool contractor will supply as part of the project.

Add a rock waterfall this summer

  • Do you want your rock waterfall to mimic your backyard or do you want the rock waterfall to elevate your pool into a realm where it looks as though it’s part of a rainforest or secluded spring.
  • How tall do you want your rock waterfall? Take into consideration any other potential views a tall rock waterfall might block.
  • How much of a spill-over do you want? A wide curtain or a few gentle streams? This is a decision you willl want to make up front as it will determine the style of the construction.
  • Will you want to create a grotto behind, and underneath, the rock waterfall? Your pool contractor can add a ledge upon which you can sit and relax behind the veil of falling water.
  • Do you want the rock waterfall to be the focal point or do you want it to blend in? Be aware that the mere idea of having a rock waterfall means the area will not truly “blend.”
  • What kind, if any, plants will you add as landscaping to the waterfall area?
  • Do you want to illuminate the waterfall? LED lighting is an ideal, and beautiful, way to illuminate the area and add even further intrigue and aesthetic appeal to the structure.

The type of stone you have for your project will lend to its beauty and grace and you may want to work some of the rock from the waterfall into other landscaping items in your yard to tie it all together.

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