5 Steps To Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe and Looking Great!

Pool Cleaning 5 Steps To Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe and Looking Great!
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5 Steps To Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe and Looking Great!

5 Steps To Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe and Looking Great! The swimming pool contractors from Swim Pure Pools explain how to have fun, keep your pool looking great and enjoy the best summer ever in your family swimming pool.

There are so many things to think about when you’re a swimming pool owner. How to keep the pool clean. What safety items to have poolside to keep everyone safe. Who is going to learn CPR. How often will you throw a pool party? And so on!

5 Steps To Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe and Looking Great!

Never swim alone. This advice is true for children and adults alike. A swimming pool is a place for fun, but every year children drown or get injured in backyard swimming pools. There should be an adult designated to watch everyone in the pool — you may need more than one person, depending on how many people are in the pool. Children should know how to swim, but this doesn’t mean they can be unattended in the water. Younger children, even if they can swim should be urged to wear life vests. Add pool alarms to the water and to the pool gate to keep everyone safe and to let you know if anyone has gotten into the water or into pool area without your knowledge.

Drain covers need to be inspected. Pool drains pose a safety hazard as they can suck in long hair or even a swimsuit. Make sure the drain covers are visible, intact and that your pool contractor has inspected them to assure the drain covers are securely in place.

Test the water chemistry. Another way to keep the pool looking great and keep the water safe is to understand the pool water chemistry. Check the water with a pool test kit, add chemicals when necessary. If you work with a pool service contractor who cleans, services and maintains your pool and its water he may still recommend checking the levels between visits and offer advice on what to do if the chemical balances are out of line.

Check the deck. Keep the deck clear of trip and fall hazards. Make sure there are no cracked or missing tiles that could lead to a cut or a trip or fall. Make a rule of “no riding toys” on the deck area. There should be no running on the deck. If you have a wooden deck, check for any loose boards or potential for slivers. If the pool tiles are getting worn and smooth, ask your pool contractor for tips on how to address that safety issue.

Remove debris. Take time to brush and vacuum and skim debris from the pool. This should be done daily — perhaps even more than once a day if there is a lot of debris that falls into the water. Leaving the debris to fall to the bottom could lead to algae growth and the bacteria from debris can cause the water to get cloudy. Empty the skimmer basket and keep a long handled skimmer net on hand to scoop items as they fall into the pool water.

Ask for for further ways you can keep the pool safe and fun this summer!


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